Childhood Garments by Miyako Ishiuchi (Signed)

Publisher: Sokyusha 

Year: 2016

Format: Hardcover, signed

Edition: First Edition of 800

Condition: New

Ishiuchi Miyako's Childhood Garments presents a series of portraits which delve into the power of objects and memories. Tied alongside her images which capture the personal artifacts of subjects as private as her mother to famed individuals within the public sphere; Frida Kahlo, the photographs bring forth an intimacy shared between a person and an object into a realm of public experience. Working with Shinjoji Temple located in Kanazawa, Ishiuchi’s Childhood Garments illustrates a collection of kimono worn and created specifically for the young. Known as hyakutoku kimono and semamori, the portraits capture the embodied thoughts, prayers and lives of both community and family for the new born child.




  • Childhood Garments by Miyako Ishiuchi (Signed)
  • Childhood Garments by Miyako Ishiuchi (Signed)