Faster Than An Erection by Reba Maybury



Publisher: Wet Satin Press

Year: 2024

Format: Softcover

Edition: Second Edition

Condition: New


The second edition of Faster Than An Erection is a chapter from Maybury’s upcoming book. Published in conjunction with the homonymous exhibition at MACRO, it lays out Her methodology as an Artist and Dominatrix whose medium is men. Accompanied by a poem by Cassandra Troyan and documentation of Maybury’s visual practice and artworks, the publication challenges our understanding of the languages of art, of gender dynamics, sex work and power. An Italian edition of the book will come out in November 2021. 

British Artist Reba Maybury explores the meaning and role of transgression and perversion in the contexts of daily life and everyday spaces. The Artist has developed a distinct practice in which writing and Her role as a political dominatrix (at times under the pseudonym Mistress Rebecca) inform each other and work together to unravel and “penetrate” male authority/power, transaction and desire, while pushing the boundaries of female strength beyond men’s fantasy, all this by “working faster than the speed of their erections”. To Maybury, “Sadomasochism is everywhere and not just in a dimly lit subterranean box in our collective minds”.