Less But Better by Dieter Rams

Publisher: Gestalten

Year: 2019

Format: Softcover

Edition: Seventh

Condition: New

Ideas of what can and must be achieved by good design are in a constant state of flux as a result of cultural and technological developments. Dieter Rams, however, came up with ten principles that advocate for a purist, almost imperceptible design. These principles are still considered timeless fundaments of design theory and practice today.  The new and revised edition of Less but Better shows why Dieter Rams’s approach to design remains relevant for the foreseeable future.  

 Less but Better does not set out to be a complete documentation of Dieter Rams’s body of work, nor does it claim to tell the full story of the company Braun. Rather the book explores the ideas, criteria, and methods behind Rams’s creations and reveals how a shifting culture of product manufacturing gave rise to universal design benchmarks. 



  • Less But Better by Dieter Rams
  • Less But Better by Dieter Rams