Acid Magazine Issue 2

Editors: Bertrand Trichet & Olivier Talbot

Publisher: 19-80 Editions

Year: 2014

Format: Softcover 

Edition: First

Condition: New

Acid Magazine is a publishing project looking at surfing through the prisms of exploration and everyday life. Portraying surfing in a broad context and exploring its fringes with art, science, philosophy and poetry. 

This issue takes an extensive look at Gotland, the Hawaii of the Baltic Sea; Thomas Prior’s take on the Eisbach; a trip underwater to discover artificial reefs; a tale of survival attempts in tropical and polar waters and an examination of the relationship between surfing and coastal developments.

Tags: Counterculture, Independent, Surfing


  • Acid Magazine Issue 2
  • Acid Magazine Issue 2
  • Acid Magazine Issue 2