Atelier EB: Passer-by


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Publisher: Koenig Books

Year: 2020

Format: Softcover

Edition: First

Since the Surrealists took them up in the early twentieth century, mannequin have been an enduring motif within fine art.

Beca Lipscombe and Lucy McKenzie un-pack the disciplines of window dressing, look to radical thinkers and makers who dissolved the dividing line between fine art and commercial display, and piece together a compelling narrative that encompasses ethnography, statuary, dolls, the world fairs and our digital future.

This catalogue, like the traveling exhibition, is a meticulous and idiosyncratic study of the hierarchies which have historically separated the spheres of art and design, examining the border between commercial display and exhibition-making.

English and French text.

Atelier EB: Passer-by} Atelier EB: Passer-by}
Atelier EB: Passer-by} Atelier EB: Passer-by}