Cocaine by Pitigrilli

Publisher: Ronin

Year: 2016

Format: Softcover

Edition: New edition 

Condition: New 

Appearing a year before Crowley’s Diary of a Drug Fiend, Pitigrilli’s Cocaine combines occult sensualism and journalistic realism to give a vivid picture of the cocaine-crazed demimonde of the Parisian 1920’s.

Tito Arnaudi dreams up lurid titillating scandals that he sells to the newspapers. With three demanding mistresses, his life parallels the outrageous dalliances he invents. The permissive, overly detailed descriptions of sex and drugs landed the original Italian edition on a list of books forbidden by the Church.

This edition of Cocaine is illustrated by San Francisco-based underground artist, Jim Osborn.   

Tags: Drugs, Reprint, Sixties


  • Cocaine by Pitigrilli
  • Cocaine by Pitigrilli