Kes by John Cameron


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Label: Trunk Records

Year: 2019

Format: 12" Vinyl Record

Edition: First

Condition: New

Music by John Cameron. Limited vinyl and CD. This is the first ever issue of this original music. It is short and beautiful. 

"The sound of a long-lost childhood...The smell of a damp school cloakroom, from an age when comics were still printed on newsprint...But this is more than just another product of the nostalgia industry - put on this album & immediately you'll be soaring through the air, free of your earthly shackles: for this is the sound of a human soul in flight. A beautiful daydream antidote to an all too real South Yorkshire nightmare. "Tha' won't get me down t'pit." "Pig, Pig, Sow,Sow." "Tha' dun't like being called a bastard does tha'?" This is the real thing. This is beauty so fragile it hurts. This is music with the Jesses well & truly off." Jarvis Cocker

Kes by John Cameron} Kes by John Cameron}
Kes by John Cameron} Kes by John Cameron}