LDN EI by Antony Cairns

Publisher: Self-published

Year: 2015

Format: E-book tablet

Edition: First

Condition: New

The latest book instalment of the LDN series by Antony Cairns has taken the term Digital Photobook to new extremes. Using recycled old e-book tablets, Cairns has hacked into the software of the computer within the tablet and made it possible to view the entire archive of imagery he has created for his London by night work. You can do this through selecting a chapter / title on the main contents page that you are confronted with when unlocking the E-ink tablet from its LDN EI cover page screensaver. As you flick thru page by page each image is composed by the shifting pixels of the Electronic Ink screen.

Not only has the software of the E-reader been hacked but also the hardware has taken a significant bruising and remodelling, each book has been customised with a new back attached and unwanted parts like the keyboard covered and deemed redundant for the purpose.

With 244 images, 2 reviews of previous work, 1 interview with the artist and 2 essays by Ian Jeffrey.

Each tablet has same contents but physically may differ in shape and look.

Tags: Antony Cairns, Black and white, East London, Photography


  • LDN EI by Antony Cairns
  • LDN EI by Antony Cairns
  • LDN EI by Antony Cairns
  • LDN EI by Antony Cairns