Mika Vainio 'M.T.V. 15.05.1963 ~ 12.04.2017'

Publisher: Cargo Records

Year: 2019

Format: Hardback + CD

Edition: First

Condition: New

From Blastfirstpetite, this book contains a heart-wrenching collection of photographs from the Vainio family archive as well as a broad range of artistic contributions (text, photographic and visual  remembrances) from Mika's artist friends and collaborators. Other features include an updated and exhaustive Mika discography along with Jennifer Lucy Allen’s unedited transcript for her The Wire magazine 2013 ”Invisible Jukebox' – one of Mika’s most animated media responses.

Included is an album length exclusive CD of previously unreleased Pansonic performance recordings - ”Turku Moai - live on Rapa Nui”.

Tags: Counterculture, Music


  • Mika Vainio 'M.T.V. 15.05.1963 ~ 12.04.2017'
  • Mika Vainio 'M.T.V. 15.05.1963 ~ 12.04.2017'