Radio Songs by Meredith Monk

Publisher: White Columns

Year: 2014

Format: Double-sided, vinyl 12” LP

Edition: First

Condition: New

As an innovator in music composition, choreography, theatre, and filmmaking, Meredith Monk has built an extensive oeuvre of interdisciplinary works. After a trip through England and France in 1972, Monk began working on her WWII opera Quarry: An Opera in 3 Movements. An integral ‘character’ in the piece was a 1940s radio playing pre-recorded compositions by Monk. This record presents these works in full:

Side A
1. “Quarry Radio”
2. “Gotham Blues”
Side B
1. “Quarry Waltz”   
2. “Gotham Lullaby”

Edition of 500

Tags: Art, Music, Vinyl


  • Radio Songs by Meredith Monk
  • Radio Songs by Meredith Monk