Rhythm & Colour by Richard Emerson

Publisher: Golden Hare
Year: 2018 
Format: Hardcover 
Edition: First
Condition: New
Hélène Vanel (1898–1989), Loïs Hutton (1893–1972), and Margaret Morris (1891–1980) were dancers of the avant-garde who performed in their own theatres, in costumes they designed, against backcloths they painted. Without money, precedent, or male support, these three women achieved fame and notoriety at the centre of the great artistic movements of the 20th century. 
This beautiful and extensive book examines, for the first time, the life, work and loves of these dancers through newly discovered letters, photographs, journals, memoirs, and contemporary criticism.
Tags: Dance


  • Rhythm & Colour by Richard Emerson
  • Rhythm & Colour by Richard Emerson