Snyth Gems 1


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Publisher: Bjooks

Year: 2022

Format: Hardcover 

Edition: First

Synth Gems 1 takes you on a tour of over 60 keyboards — large and small, famed and rare… and ranging from classics that define entire genres to rare oddities.

Each synthesizer is presented in a series of photographs, with a discussion of its origins and importance. From the dawn of commercial synthesis to the close of the Twentieth Century, the lives and times of these instruments are chronicled in pictures and stories – mingling music, technology, commerce, and visual art.

Besides a brief introduction to the basic elements of synthesizer design, as well as a comprehensive Glossary, the book is rounded out by tours of the three museums that opened their collections to be photographed, and a selection of resources for further study: books, films, educational initiatives, online resources – even ways to play with these sounds at home.

Snyth Gems 1} Snyth Gems 1}
Snyth Gems 1} Snyth Gems 1}