The Corvo Cult by Robert Scoble


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Publisher: Strange Attractor

Year: 2014

Format: Hardcover

Edition: First

Condition: New

The English writer Frederick Rolfe – better known under his pseudonym ‘Baron Corvo’ – led a startlingly eventful life, outraging Edwardian London and Venice, and bequeathing to posterity a cluster of lively and compelling novels and short stories. Corvo himself had no doubt that he was destined for celebrity.  ‘Everything that relates to me,’ he proudly wrote, ‘will be of interest some day,’ and over the course of the century since his death, this unlikely prediction came true, albeit not quite in the way he expected.  Universal fame eluded him, but his memory was kept alive by a tiny and obsessive band of enthusiasts, adherents of the Corvo cult, who collected his books, competed for his relics and memorabilia, and championed his place in literature. Corvo scholar Robert Scoble has tracked down the cultists’ letters and notes, piecing together their associations and interactions – illuminating in unprecedented detail the unlikely story of the Corvo cult’s growth and ultimate prosperity.