The COVID Letters: A Vital Update by Jonny Banger


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As the country went into lockdown, Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, wrote a letter intended for every household in the UK, urging residents to stay at home, protect the NHS and save lives. In response, Banger invited young people, under the age of 16, to customise the letter, as a way of articulating their feelings – including about the Government’s handling of the coronavirus crisis, and the NHS. Entries were received from across the UK, from toddlers to teenagers, which ranged from a simple scribble and calls to support the NHS with more PPE, to anti-government graffiti. Using pens, pencils, paint and collage, children took the opportunity to make their voices heard.
The COVID Letters: A Vital Update sees all 250 artworks printed in full colour alongside notes from artists and parents, writings from supporters, and other material from the time of the project.

360 pages
500 pre sale copies
240 artists work featured
Words from Jeremy Deller, Luke Leitch & Jonny Banger Soft Cover / Screen printed
24 x 34 cm
1.3 kg of book
Limited 800 copy print run
PublishedbySportsBangerPublishing  2020