RADICAL PEOPLE Vol. 1 No. 2 at Donlon Books

RADICAL PEOPLE - A newspaper dedicated to the Apathetic and Bored

Launching on Election Day, Radical People is a newspaper celebrating the radical behaviour which has moved our society forward into a more compassionate place by subcultural icons now over the age of 50.

Featuring a cross section of the well known to the unknown, the newspaper features some of the most pioneering politicians, musicians, artists, writers, activists, performers and muses of the last fifty years.

Including the likes of politician Peter Tatchell, activist , artist and muse Caroline Coon, David Thomas of Pere Ubu, performance artist Franko B, ROY INC, Steve Ignorant of Crass, Christine Binnie of the Neo-Naturists, Chadd Curry, Lesley Woods of The Au Pairs and now immigration lawyer, tattooer Alex Binnie, the sex positive feminist comic book artist Melinda Gebbie, Princess Julia, anarcho-punk band Rubella Ballet, sexologist Tuppy Owens, punk icon Honey Bane, Janis Hetherington the first lesbian to have artificial insemination and notorious madam of 60s London, Bruno Wizard of the Homosexuals, Colin Abrahall of GBH and more.

By asking each person to re-count their own interpretation of the word radical or a radical memory, the stories range from the AIDS crisis, memories of the first days of punk, the Poll Tax Riots, capitalisms manipulation of authentic rebellion, important performance art events, gigs and night clubs, wetting the bed and much more.

The newspaper has been created by Reba Maybury with specially commissioned portraits by Iain McKell and graphics by Jamie Reid.

An after party will take place at Vogue Fabrics from 12-3 with all proceeds going to Shelter in regards to homelessness rising by 80% since the Conservative government came into power in 2010. Disco Smack and Jeffrey Hinton will be djing and the night will be hosted by Max Allen and James Davison as their Tory alter-egos.

Published by Wet Satin.